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Dawn's Testimony

My name is Dawn. I was a daily meth-user and pot smoker from the time I was eighteen. I am now thirty five. My kids began living with my mother twelve years ago. At that point I gave up. I drowned my sorrows and eased my pain with meth. I began living in the desert four years ago. Waking up everyday with a daily goal of feeding my habit. My boyfriend went to jail for four months, and I was alone in the desert. I heard about a place where I could get something to eat. So, I went at first only to get something to eat. When he got out of jail we remained in the desert and we would both spend every waking moment with one goal in mind. “how do we get high today?” We would go store to store stealing all sorts of things from steaks to a 20 foot tall neon light up arrow sign. It didn’t matter what it was would steal it and sell it for fifty cents on the dollar. When we would get high the aftermath was horrible. We fought all the time. I mean not just arguments, but huge blow-outs. About four months ago, instead of going to the park service for the food we started going to listen to the Word of God.. We realized that enough was enough. We loved each other too much to continue on the way we were. So we decided finally on April 7, 2009 to give our lives to Christ. Right then we gave up the meth. It took a little longer to stop smoking weed but, by the grace of God, through the convictions of our hearts we soon gave that up as well.



Up until this point I had no relationship with my mother, which resulted in little communication with my children. Now, my mother and I talk daily, and I have been able to talk to my children. I have been able to see them and am building a healthy relationship with them and my mom. My boyfriend and I don’t fight anymore and we have began to build a more loving relationship together. We pray everyday together, we read our bibles together, and we attend five services a week at outside ministries and Rushing Wind Baptist church. By the grace of God I pray to continue to be blessed. Looking back at my life I see what I had then and what I have now. I wouldn’t give up what I have now for anything I had then. Thank you Lord.  

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